Saturday, April 23, 2011

DeservingOne Ministries

Greetings from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ... My name is Esther and I would like to share with you the gift the Lord has laid heavy in my heart.  One Sunday, my pastor was preaching on the importance of visiting those that are homebound, either through illness, recovering from surgery, depressed, etc.  He stated how meaningful it is to bless such people with a little gift, something to cheer them up.  His son preached, on another occasion, about those that come to church, however, are doing nothing for the Lord.  All they do is occupy space (the pews), yet complain on how the service was so boring, so dry.  Here's the last straw, our pastor's wife preached, on yet another occasion, on how we are stealing from the Lord.  The Lord blesses us financially or otherwise, be it small or large, yet we turn our backs on people that are desperately in need of our help.   Now combine these three messages into one.  The Lord touched my heart and  blessed me with the gift of "Fruit Baskets".  Since March, 2011, I have been able to prepare 20+ baskets, reaching out to people with different needs.  To God be the glory !!!  The Lord also blessed me with the name of this spiritual project (as I define it) as:  DeservingOne Ministries.  Donations have been pouring in from family and friends, which is much appreciated, in form of baskets, ribbons, etc.  Again, thank you Jesus !!!

Any comments and/or ideas will be greatly appreciated. 
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  1. Well, we brought in the New Year 2012 ... It's been awhile since my last post and a lot has happened.

    We have purchased a new church building located at 3269 West 43rd Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44109. The building was a Lutheran church and school at one time. We are using the gym for our services until the sanctuary can be cleaned up and painted. A lot of work awaits us, as did the school building in November and December. First service in the sanctuary is scheduled for April.

    Now for the ministry - Over 65 fruit baskets and bags have been prepared and delivered to family and friends since its' inception. These "Deserving Ones" lost loved ones, had health issues, marital problems, job lost, etc.

    At present, I have been praying for the Lord to direct my steps. I have been approached by several people to start my own "fruit basket" business, besides preparing them for those the Lord puts in my heart.

    This is all in "God's" hand ..... until next time, God bless!

  2. your post came out good ,little sister