Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What a wonderful prayer service at church tonight (Tuesday).  God is truly doing some awesome things with His people. Heartwarming testimonies.  WOW !!!!  To God be the glory!

Talking about testimonies ..... Let me share this one with you.  Went to the gym this morning.  I felt a tugging in my heart to go to the store afterwards to buy some fruits for a fruit basket.  The Lord put someone dear in my heart, however, I thought about it and decided I will wait for a later date.  Went home, prepared breakfast, then sat in front of the computer for email and facebook updates.  I could not believe my eyes.  When going through facebook, I came across the same person God had put in my heart.  This sister wrote "she always speaks positive via the media, however, today she just feels like crying.  Oh God, help me, she said" !!  Wow, that was like a stab in the heart, a slap in the face.  See how God works !!!!  I ended up at the store, buying fruits and other items, came home, prepared a beautiful basket for my sister and after our prayer meeting,  was able to deliver the basket. Sister was surprised and happy to see me at her door.  Her great big smile made my day!  To God be the glory!  Another "deserving one" ........... Keep her in prayer, she has been sick with an upper respiratory conditon.  God bless!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

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God bless you, my blogger family!  Keep me in prayer.  This ministry has been on my mind all day.  New ideas, talking to different people with positive conversations, but most of all, thanking God for it all.  Lord placed this ministry in my heart, and I am running with it.  Every piece that goes into the basket/bag, whether it's food items, a book, a card or any thing else, is prayed for.  Serious prayers goes into the preparation process.  I ask the Lord to bless the receiver, the "Deserving One", in one form or another.

To God be the glory!

In "His" peace, I remain, Esther !!!