Saturday, November 2, 2013

God bless you, dear family and friends ........

My apologies for not posting since November, 2012.  We have had quite a year!!  First, my son decided to relocate out-of-state in January, 2013.  I had brain surgery in March.  A benign tumor (Thank you Jesus) was removed.  My aunt, Myriam Vazquez was hospitalized in June, 2013.  After four months of pain and agony, she passed on in October.  Uncle Tony's wife, Auntie Lynn, was battling with health issues, in and out of the hospital also. We lost her in August.  We have had funerals, but, at the same time, we have had happy times with weddings too.  Good times, bad times.  Thank you Lord for both !!!

I have been preparing quite a few baskets for my dog groomer, Michelle, from Heart-to-Heart Pet Groomers.   She had fruit baskets prepared for her customers upon the death of their pets.  What a beautiful and compassionate gesture.  Bless her heart!

Getting ready for my holiday "Open House" in November and December ...... will have several gift baskets and a few fruit baskets available for sale.  Refreshments will be served.  Further information is upcoming.

God bless you and have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday !!

In "His" peace, Queen Esther